Ghost Skeleton in TV?

Where did this ghost skeleton appear from in the photograph - can you help solve the mystery?

We received this submission from Tristen, and we do not believe it was added by photo-editing software. So study the reflection in the TV, look at our notes, and write us if you have any plausible ideas. Thanks!

"In Windsor (Canada), in the early 2000s, I lived in this little house that use to be an old store. The only window was in the front of the store closed off by a wall. My dad had an old mail box sorter that he cut down and painted green to make a TV stand." (More of the story continued, below...)

"The TV was not plugged in, and we didn't have cable. There was nothing in the VCR and that was not plugged in. He took a picture of the finished TV stand and, when we got the picture back, there was a skeleton in the TV. My dad always threw out the negatives, right away, so we could never send it in to Kodak to say like what the hell.

Here is a scanned copy of the photo, I just want to see what you think. I don't care if people think it's real or not because I know it is. If you blow up the picture, it almost looks like a baby skeleton dragging it's legs. The picture is wicked, and I hope I can get feed back form you of what you think, Thank you. Feel free to post the picture on your site."

Our Thoughts About the Ghost Skeleton Photo

We have seen this happen before. In fact, you can find another photograph of a ghost skeleton on a TV screen on this page: for comparison.

We wonder what is behind the photographer that is reflected in the TV glass. It looks like closed, blinds with two car headlights shining through them. But, the angle of them is not in line with the room. And that is something that has us stumped as to what was behind the photographer. (And we cannot see the photographer in the glass of the TV despite him standing directly in front of it.)

Still, we do not believe the photo was edited even though we only received a scan. Call it good faith, experience and a hunch.

The reason we ask these questions is to attempt to understand what may have caused the skeletal image. It looks a lot like the form of a skeleton - no doubt. But what produced it? This must have driven Tristen and his dad mad over the years. Very cool mystery... We are not sure it is paranormal, but we cannot determine what may have normally caused it.

We are asking others to write us. If you have an idea of what may have happened to produce the skeleton. Maybe, we'll get some interesting feedback.

More Behind the Photo

"The lines also showed up; there is only a wall behind him ( drywall wall, no window just a flat wall). The two lights are the flash of the camera; and if you look to the right side of the TV, you can see the reflection of the cord running up the wall. As for the lines, many people have had different opinions of what it is. I think it looks like a brick wall or chain link fence.

We also thought it's weird his (the photographer's) reflection is not in the TV. We tried to do it again, but the new picture only had lines across the tv like when you try to record the TV - you know, like black fuzzy lines.

We don't know what it is, paranormal or what. I'm just a fan of the site and thought it would be cool to have you take a look at it. I would love to read others' comments on it, as well.

Other strange things occurred in the house too, like if you cook anything in the stove, the bath tub would get a red ring around it even though there was no water in the tub. It would have like a blood red ring around it. Me and my brother would see people at the bedroom door, and it was nobody (like my dad would be asleep and was the only other person).

We eventually moved because of the strange things that happened there."