Incorporeal Being Photo?

This photo from the U.K. may reveal an incorporeal being - the ghost of an older woman from a different era of time...

"This photograph was taken by me on my iPhone 5, a few years ago, at my grandmother's house in the Lake District, United Kingdom. I felt compelled to take the photo as the room went very cold, and I sensed something unusual. After examing the picture afterwards, I was shocked, but not surprised, to see the outline of an old lady looking down who appears to be wearing a shawl. You can even make out her hairline." - Vicky Hewitt

Despite our best efforts to enhance the picture to help bring out the faint, spirit form, we were unable to make it more clearly visible. So, we are offering the colour and sepia-toned versions, in two different sizes, for comparison. We hope you can see what may be the hint of a vaporous specter.

To us, we see a female form in period dress.

Being uncertain of the wood pattern of the paneling (knots, grain, etc.), it is impossible for us to know exactly what specific parts of the body are explainable and what might be inexplicable. However, we do feel the entire harmony of the form could indicate a possible spirit presence, especially in light of Vicky's personal experience that occurred at the same time (initiating the photo in the first place).