Shreveport Mysterious Ghost Man

A Shreveport, Louisiana bar could be home to a mystery: a ghost man who appears on the dance floor!

"This was taken at a small bar downtown Shreveport about three years ago. A group of us went out, and the person that took it was up on the balcony, hanging with the guys while taking the picture of us on the dance floor. Unfortunately, I'm not in it, but those are my friends in the picture.

I believe a couple of days later he looked through the pictures, and there it was. It is crazy because you can see it from head-to-toe, and it looks like the laser light is bending around its shoulders; so that part is pretty solid for the light to do that." - Kim

Our Thoughts About the Ghost Man

We agree with Kim that the dance lights are hitting the mystery man as if solid. Yet, his form is monotone. We have seen this before with other credible ghost photos.

It's been well known for at least a century that apparition colors can fade over time, turning to a brown or olive drab tone over time. This was discovered while comparing sightings of the same ghost by the Society of Psychical Research (SPR) back in the 1800s.

The ghost also appears see-through in some spots, specifically the legs, and the coat sleeve is strangely long to the point of covering his hand.

The ladies dancing were friends of Kim's, and we can presume that they did not recall a man dancing with them, especially, a man dancing this close!

Overall, this is a compelling apparition photo, not faked, that remains unexplained.