Snapchat Ghost Picture?

Reece Hine sent us this ghost photo taken with Snapchat. It does not appear to have been added to the picture by a smartphone 'ghost' app. Is it real? Check it out and decide for yourself.

"...this happened near Blackpool in the UK.

I took the photo on the app 'Snapchat' in my room at night around 9-ish, sometime last year. When I took the photo, behind me was just a plain wall. There is nothing on the wall."

More Story Behind the Snapchat Ghost

"But I noticed a strange, girl head with a ponytail behind me. When I noticed it,straight away, I turned my lights on, and there was nothing on the wall to make that strange image.

I showed my friends and family, and they think it's really strange. I haven't tampered with the photo because, honestly, I don't know how to tamper with a photo. But my mum did tell me I have an older sister who sadly passed away from birth. So my mum reckons it could be her as my angel, but I don't know.

If you look close to my eye, you can see the round head with hair and ponytail. I didn't believe in this stuff until this photo happened." - Reece