Ghost Essence Photograph?

New home, new baby, and new unexplained anomaly in this photograph. Is it spirit essence photographed with their toddler?

"My niece just moved into her house - what do you think this is?" - Heather from the United Kingdom

What Is It?

After examining this photo over and over, we cannot say for certain what might have caused the unexplainable mist the baby is running through.

We do have an idea to offer. Other than this being the presence of a ghost or spirit, we are wondering if there could have been steam in that one spot in the room. Believe it or not, we have seen steam from a hot cup of tea, coffee, or a plate of food, near the smartphone user, produce vapor in front of the lens. The camera captures it, sometimes, like a 'ghost cloud.'

We will be asking the owner of this photo to see if it this scenarion were possible (we hope to update this story). If not, then we have to rule on the side of this photo being 'paranormal.' If this is ghostly essence caught by the camera, then we wonder if a relative, perhaps the baby's loved one or guardian spirit (angel), could have been with the family that day. 

We have a suspicion that our loved ones can share times with us, enjoying being a part of our lives.

"I can confirm there was no steam there. She had just moved in about 1 week when she took this pic - also had a black bird sitting on her landing one morning last week. My daughter said its a 'vortex' (the anomaly in the above photo) and you can see various skulls and teeth shapes." - Heather