Shadow Person in Car Window

A bulbous-headed shadow person is photographed from inside of a car, framed by the window.

"I'm from Venezuela. This is my nephew. He's 1 year and 11 months old, and his name is Daniel.

This picture was taken in front of his school while in the car.

We don't know what type of shadow this is. If you have any information, we will appreciate it." - Ernesto C.


We have not seen a shadow person shaped quite like this. It is a human-type form, and the photo does not appear to have been manipulated in any way (results after our testing).

Questions About the Shadow Person (from us) and Answers (from Ernesto):

1. Why was the photograph taken of your nephew?

This was a photograph taken on past 04/17/2015 with my sister's cellphone - just in the moment she left him at school in the morning. She usually brings him to the classroom at 8:00am.

2. What was directly behind the car (e.g. street, a driveway, etc.)?

It is a street in front of the school. They parked the car waiting for the opening of the school.

(The school is in Caracas, Venezuela.)

3. Has anyone close to the family died recently?

Our mom passed away on may 11th 2010; he was born on May 14th, 2013. It's the most closest event.

4. Has there been any odd activity experienced by the young boy or his family?

The kid doesn't like to eat at all. It's an everyday fight.

He looks healthy, but my sister is always trying to buy or cook a lot of menus. Three different doctors said that there's no explanation to this behavior.

My nephew, in some cases, looks intently at one point over the wall, or the ceiling, for several seconds.