Haunted Cuban Doll

A little doll from Cuba, passed down in the family to the only person who would take it, was auctioned online quite some time ago. There was quite a lot of mystery attached to it, and the family seemed to be afraid of what might happen if kept around (based upon past, paranormal experiences). The haunted doll was said to move around on its own within the home, and a woman's spirit seems to be attached to it.

Original e-Bay Listing for the Haunted Cuban Doll:

"This doll was given to my Grandmother years before I was even born. She was brought back from Cuba. I ended up with this doll recently after my Grandmother's sudden passing. No one else in my family will have anything to do with it and for some reason thought I should deal with it.

This doll has spent the last almost decade in a boxed tightly taped up with duct tape and tucked in the far corner of the attic. It was originally put on display in the living room with all other little collectors, however she did not seem to like where ever she was placed as things around her always seem to get broken for no apparent reason.

I know that my Grandmother had some unpleasant experiences with her, some she never told anyone about. The incident that ended this doll in the attic was when a picture of my Grandfather 'fell' across the room and shattered. He passed when my mother was barely 8 years.

Since this doll has come into my care she has broken some of my own special treasures. She does not appear to like sitting next to anything. There have been several occasions when I put her in one place and leave the room only to come back in and see her somewhere else.

There are times when there is a very strong aroma of a womans perfume, a deep musky scent, which I know is not my own as it gives me a headache instantly. It will come on subtly at first and then you will notice it very clearly. I am positive it is the doll, even though to smell her when the scent is not noticeable you cannot smell it. As I write this I am smelling the perfume, and now have a headache.....

Several times I have been woken up by a very loud bang of sorts, I cannot describe it really, as of course I am in a sleep state when it occurs, but I am aware enough to know that it comes from near where she stands.

There are other times when I am laying alone at night watching TV, (alone) and I hear my name, it is a thick husky female voice with an accent I cannot place. Louder than a whisper, but not a holler. It is a harsh almost scolding tone. I heard for the first time last night an almost chanting, I do not know what to make of that and I cannot make out what she was saying.

I never heard this before she came along and for a couple of days I had her at a friends place and the whole time she was gone, there were no voices, bangs or perfume.

My friend ended up bringing her back to me the other night and refuses to talk about why. She also refuses to come back into my house until the doll is gone.

There was one occasion when I was really frustrated with her and had intentions of throwing her out again, I grabbed her up from the shelf she was standing on and nearly dropped her. Somehow my finger got pricked. I have searched her entire body and there is nothing sharp on her that I can find!

The final straw for me was when I fell asleep the other night watching TV, knowing she was in the kitchen and waking up in the middle of the night from a loud noise and seeing her on the coffee table right in front of my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So needless to say I am more then a little creeped out by her and I do not think she is happy being in my care.

I do not know much about her besides the fact that she was brought back from Cuba many years ago, she has a name written on the stand and a sticker on the bottom of where she is from.

She wears a beautiful white with red trim flowing dress, she has a band of roses around her long black curly hair and she has a hand painted ceramic face and hands. She is in good condition, no rips or stains that I have noticed. She is a bit dusty but because I do not want to mark her up I am nervous to wipe it off with any thing more then a dry cloth. She has a "bitter" expression on her face, however sometimes it looks like a down right scowl. As I said, very creepy!

Perhaps someone out there will know better what to do with this doll as I do not. I have dealt with other "spirit" in one form or another, but this one really gets to me and I do not know how to help her, if that is even what she wants. I am not "afraid" of her, but creeped out for sure! She makes me very uncomfortable.

I have "tried" to throw her in the garbage several times and that didn't work out so well. So here I am.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I will answer to the best of my knowledge."