Haunted Possessed Doll

This haunted possessed doll was auctioned off on Ebay for $70. The images and story about the haunted possessed doll are from the auction page; is this a possessed doll that is actually haunted? You decide...

Original E-Bay Listing for the Haunted Possessed Doll:

"Hanna came to live with us because Amelia said that Hanna reminded her too much of her own past. It seems that Hanna loves to show you where and when it was that you lived! She likes to share with you what the world looked like in your past life, more than 100 years ago.

When you hold her and relax your mind, she will show you what your life was like in small pieces. When I held Hanna to me as I was talking to Amelia, I realized that what I normally saw was no longer there. Instead of the lamp that sat next to Amelia, there was a coal oil lamp. Where the bookshelves that hold Amelia's beloved collections sat was instead a large stone fireplace. I shook my head and told Amelia about what I'd just seen. She told me it was Hanna trying to share my past life with me. Hanna was trying to show me the house from when I was a girl, in my last past life.

Hanna also brings an aspect of ESP to her owner to be able to know the thoughts of others. They come to you as a quiet knowledge. Not sure how you know things, you just do. Hanna also gives heightened clairvoyant abilities to those you already possess. Amelia explained to me that Hanna loves to play. She will from time to time move to where she can be closer to you.

I have personally noticed that Hanna's eyes seem to follow you about if she's been left unattended for too long. Amelia told me that Hanna is a very loving spirit who needs attention and someone to work with her to unlock her potential. Someone with whom she can share the past and the future.

My work schedule (and trying to help Amelia with her Ebay venture) does not allow for me to give the time and energy that Hanna needs. I feel so badly for Hanna. She wants only to share her gifts with the person who has the time for her. I wish I were that person, but as I said at this point in my life, I simply am not. Only a true believer can help Hanna know her full potential of bringing love, general good fortune, happiness and peace. Amelia said that the person who is to have her will recognize the spirit in this doll, as they are twin flames meant to share time in this plane of existence. My friend Amelia, is a practicing witch and very much a part of my family (the last two pictures are of Amelia). She studies the religion of Wicca - A NEOPAGAN, EARTH-CENTERED RELIGION or sometimes called "The Craft of the Wise". Amelia has ability to talk to spirits, read tarot cards, tell the future and cast spells. She has been called upon to help many different sorts of people for many different problems, including hauntings, poltergeist activity, absent healing, love, luck, fertility, finance, and much more.

Amelia has owned a store near me for many, many years. Recently she had to make the difficult decision to close her store. She is elderly now at the young age of 105 & needed to cut back on her activities. Due to this, she has asked me to help her sell the many items that once belonged to other witch friends of her's. Wonderful, Magical things that have been accumulating for many years. She wants to keep the Energy and Spells alive through people, who understand and who really believe in it. As I walked with her through this fantastic collection, I could feel things reaching out to touch me. At first I was afraid that I was the wrong person for this job, because I really couldn't explain how this place made me feel. Almost like I was watching all of this and not actually a participant. Out of body. But Amelia calmed me and reassured me that this was the very reason I was chosen.

If you should bid on this beautiful doll, you also will feel the enchantment and awe that I felt. Don't be afraid and she will comfort you and keep you from all harm. Hanna measures approx. 16 inches tall. She is clothed in very luxurious lace and satin and ribbon with a porcelain head and hands and does come with her own stand. Please note, the pictures have in no way been altered by me digitally or otherwise. I have a cheap digital camera and no time to mess with touching up pictures to make them look different than they originally did. Amelia told me that the film over Hanna is one of the many spirits that are close to her and could possibly travel with her to your home. She assured me that the spirits are harmless and as loving as Hanna is. The second picture of Hanna was a surprise to me. I had no idea that she had leaned to the side until I downloaded the picture to my computer!

All items that I will be listing have such a powerful force to them you can feel the energy when holding an item. I have even had experiences where I can feel a cold chill run up and down my body. Amelia has many items that she would like to pass on to others. They will allow you to feel the spiritual presence that no other mortal can...allow you to experience and gain the clarity of the supernatural world. All items have been blessed by Amelia with her spells that were passed on to her from many generations of her ancestors...

These items are NOT toys and have been worn, blessed or used by real White Witches. They have a very strong energy to them. If you feel uncomfortable by the Paranormal these items may not be for you. ~None of these items will EVER bring harm you."