Robert the Doll

A true haunted doll legend...
Haunted Robert the DollRobert the Doll was formerly in the possession of Key West artist, Robert Eugene Otto. The doll looks well-worn, dressed in white sailor garb. Eugene was given the doll while a child from a servant who supposedly but a voodoo enchantment on it. When he was a young, his parents heard him speak with the doll regularly in shocking, two-way conversation (think 2 different voices). Reportedly, the family heard it giggle regularly, and it was glimpsed running from room to room. Neighbors confirmed seeing the haunted doll move from window to window in the home, as well!

The Doll Story Doesn't End There
Eugene, for some reason, could not part with Robert the rest of his life. The doll was left in the attic of the house after Eugene passed and soon became the toy of a young girl. She, too, witnessed it move about the room as well as attempt to attack her. It was still enchanted, or haunted, after all those years.

Robert the Doll is the most terrifying haunted doll story we have ever heard of. He can be seen, as of this writing, at the Fort East Martello Museum.