Haunted Hotel Doll

This haunted doll was auctioned off on eBay several years ago.  It was listed and sold by a lady who found it in a haunted hotel, laying on the floor by some stairs (after her and her husband were exploring and heard some moaning that was "other-worldly"). She took the doll home as a souvenir. But after some strange occurrences at home, she had decided the doll must find a home.

Original E-Bay Listing for the Haunted Doll:

"I don't know the history of this doll, I only know a small history of where she was found and my experiences within the past few days...My husband and myself decided to go away this past weekend to a beautiful resort in clearwater florida which was built in 1897. First thing I noticed was how beautiful and historical the place was, we didn't know exactly how old this resort was until later that night. It was around 12am and we had decided to take a tour of this place which has 5 floors, the fifth floor is actualy closed off for whatever reasons...during our walk around the hotel we ran into an older man which was working security and monitoring all of the floors.

He asked us how we were doing and so we stopped to talk for a while since we explained we were just taking a tour and just found it interesting as to all of the history and things that may have happened in the building (which is more like a huge mansion) which actualy reminded me o the overlook hotel from the movie The shining. He was a very nice man and I am a very curious person especialy when it comes to old places with alot of history, I asked him ...so is this place haunted? He had somewhat of a grin on his face, as if he was hesitating to answer and i said dont worry I wont be scared you can tell us...

At this resort there's a very large ballroom where til this day they have weddings and receptions. He told us about a young couple who had just gotten married in 1924, they were spending the night in the bridal suite of the hotel, the young groom had decided to go out with his friends that night to Tampa, on the way back him and his friends were in a car accident and the groom had died. When the bride found out the news she went out to the balcony and jumped commiting suicide, the suite is now called the presidential suite due to this horrible story and it is known for extreme paranormal activity.

During our conversation it was now maybe 12:45 - 1am we heard some sort of moaning or crying coming from one of the ends of the very large hallway, of course with the stories we were hearing I was very spooked, but we decided to walk down with security and see what was happening, right there by the stairs is where I found this doll, I looked at my husband and the security man which I believe his name was Harold and I found the doll to be somewhat pretty or cute but older, I asked if it was okay to keep her and he said yes, I felt weird but did it anyway I guess as a souvenier. The moaning and crying stopped once we had walked over, we thought nothing of it after a while.

He then told us about how very often maybe once or twice a week there are times when some guests check in to their room just to find a lady wearing a robe is occupying the room and when they go up to front desk, the clerk explains, the room is unoccupied and nobody should be there...the new guests then ask for a refund and leave the resort. There were so many stories but this was of a young woman named Mae Cadwell Manwaring Plant who lived their back in 1897-1900's she owned a mansion in NYC and traded her mansion for very valuable pearls which she had always wanted, she lost her pearls in that very hotel and now her spirit wanders the rooms trying to find her pearls...

I brought this doll home and on Sunday night my husband was asleep in the bedroom and I was alone in my computer room, around 3am somebody rang my doorbell, i was so scared because I'm a night owl and was wondering who in the world would ring someone's doorbell at 3am I woke up my husband we turned off the lights to look out the window, nobody was there in front of our door, he then went outside with his flashlight and checked everywhere even our backyard nobody.

I the went to bed and later that morning we heard a very loud noise as if something very heavy fell off a shelf, come from the living room, we then checked and nothing had fallen at all...I then began to get very scared or spooked, I did realize we had the doll which has very odd eyes, they open and close.

I cannot say for sure if this doll was a bad idea for me to bring home but I don't want her anymore and I'm sure there are much more curious people out there that might have knowledge on the paranormal...maybe where she came from might be the reason or whoever owned her - I don't know.

I cannot guarantee you will have any similar experiences and i am not responsible for what may or may not happen to the new owner of this item, please understand I am not responsible once the item is sold and I have no knowledge on items like these...although she is a very pretty doll, old as is. Thank you for taking the time to look at this auction."