Haunted African Doll

This doll is unusual in that it is claimed to make people sleepy when held! It was the possession of a woman who had passed before the doll made it to auction on eBay by another party. Could her spirit have been tied to the figure?

Original e-Bay Listing for the Haunted African Doll:

"This doll was given to my wife as a gift by a lady now deceased. The doll is missing one shoe and we have no ideal why. It appears to be an older/vintage type doll. This doll seems to carry a strange relaxing energy with it. Both of us feel really sleepy after holding the doll after any given time. Now I know that's weird, but it's the truth. We think that we may have captured that energy around the doll on the pictures to the left. If you know of someone having trouble sleeping, or really high strung that needs relaxing, this would be a great doll for them."