Haunted Amelia Doll?

The doll's eyes turned from blue to this glowing green. After that occurred, supposedly, haunting began happening in a home. Here are the original eBay story and photographs of the haunted doll.

Original E-Bay Listing for the Haunted Doll:

"OK, this is one of the creepiest pretty dolls I have ever seen!! Looks like it should be on a corner shelf in a horror movie!!

Well, this doll is not recommended for the weak at heart or for any little kids to have in their bedrooms! She's too creepy!!!

But to get to the doll info, she was made by Hamilton Collection in 1994 and is hand numbered 2225b and her name is "Amelia." She stands 19" tall and comes with a deluxe doll stand!

OK, now for the good stuff!! I not only sell on eBay, I am also a paranormal investigator! Well, we investigated our first house last week and the place was over one hundred years old! The woman who lived there claimed to get woken up every night by a crying baby. She also claims this doll, Amelia, entered her home with blue eyes. She has kept her out of the sun and intense light. She said the happenings started the second the dolls eyes turned green! She wanted the doll out of her house and who better to give the doll to but a paranormal investigator!

I did some emf field tests on the doll and she pealed at a 2.2! There is no other electrical interference in that area of the room!! I also moved the doll around the room and the EMF readings were between 1.8 - 2.1.

A note...I am not allowed to give out our paranormal website or name due to eBay regulations! I also cannot guarantee the doll being haunted! I am only reporting a story and my paranormal findings! So don't expect the doll to jump out of the shipping box and chase you if you win this auction!

Thanks for looking and bid today!!"

UPDATE: After revealing the story of this doll online, we received letters telling us that it was originally manufactured with green eyes and that the story of them changing from blue to green is bogus. So, we checked out eBay ourselves and found the doll was made in 1994 with green eyes and is regularly available for purchase on the auction site - and it isĀ not haunted! Sounds like the lady who sold the doll to the paranormal investigator and the paranormal investigator were both telling tales to get sales.