What People Are Saying About the Book

What People Are Saying About Helping GhostsPeople are not only having similar experiences (as found in the book) after reading Helping Ghosts but sharing that it is bringing change to their life in a positive way! What will the book do for you?

"I could not believe the energy that over-consumed us, but it was an energy that was so positively charged. We couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces!" 
-Kathy from California (after actually helping ghosts)

"That book of yours is not only waking spirits. It's waking living spirits. I have become pretty strong in my gifts." 
-Shirley from North Carolina

"You go beyond telling a story...I can feel something more that affects me at a deep level. I wonder how many are picking up the magnitude of some of the statements that you make."
-Robin from Tennessee

"...I wanted to share with you how much I appreciated your book. You truly are an 'enlightened being,' and that is so rare to find amongst us mortals. In addition, your work is so much like my work as a grief counselor that it’s like you’re doing grief counseling without the years of schooling."
-Kim from Ohio

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