Helping Ghosts Book Praise!

Enjoy some of the comments about the book, Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits.

If you are looking for a deeper understanding about ghosts and spirits, then you'll enjoy Helping Ghosts. An adventure story as well as an instruction guide, Helping Ghosts was written to advance the thinking behind
ghost behavior, removing superstition and fear.

Readers will learn why ghosts haunt and how we can communicate with those on the other side of the grave.

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Praise for Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits...

Love for the Other Side
"If there was ever an author to make you question whether or not ghosts are real, Louis Charles is that author. Helping Ghosts will have you glued to the page! Believer or not, you will greatly benefit from the book's message of love, hope, compassion and helping those that are lost. Louis, I am a fan for life!"

-Jacob Israel, award winning author, The Calling: A Voice in the Dead Woods

A Must Read!
"There are hundreds if not thousands of books written on the paranormal and ghost hunting. Very rarely do you come across a book that tells you what to do once you have 'found' a ghost. This book picks up where others leave you hanging. It's a must have for anyone curious about ghosts and spirits!"

- Sherri Brake, author, The Haunted History of the Ohio State Reformatory

Home Run for the Ghost World!
"This is the best resource I have read about how to work with spirits. Louis Charles is extremely compassionate about this subject. This is a refreshing look at the reality of spirits. Louis is going to help stop the exploitation that sadly has been happening through paranormal fear - response, media programming. This book explains clearly there is no reason to fear. If you are interested in the paranormal field, read this book and use it as a field study. It will teach you how to help those souls who need released desperately. This is a book that could help anybody better understand the world of ghosts."

- Laura Lyn, author, Healing with the Angel Rays

A Professional, Mature Take on Comprehending Spirits
"In Helping Ghosts, Louis Charles draws from much personal experience as he attempts to explain the nature in which we may better interact with earthbound spirits. Charles' unique, yet understandable and analytical, approach presents a more mature and altruistic way of communicating< with spirits than one might find on any number of 'paranormal' T.V. programs that focus more upon exploitation.

I recommend this book to anyone who is genuinely interested in helping ghosts, not just 'hunting' for them, and anyone who would enjoy learning about a ghost's struggles from a true professional."

- Evan, College Student and English Major

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