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These spiritual & angel
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Angel pictures are
inspirational.  Each
of the angel pictures
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Angel Picture
of the Month
for August 2007
Angel Pictures - Aug '07

Angel On The Water   
Fantastic angel picture
showing full body with
hands and head!!

Solar Flare Angel Photo
ook close to see this
cool angel in the sun rays!

Old Man In Clouds Pic
Cool photo of what looks
like a man's head formed
by clouds...

Ejumper's Angel Picture
Did she capture an
gels in
her backyard?  Take a
look and consider...
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Angel Pictures - Aug '07

Chrissy's Angel Picture   
Amazing angel photo
at her christening...

Brooklyn's Angel Picture
Angel picture possibly of
her mother's presence...  

Manhattan Spirit Photo
Firehouse get together
after a parade shows
someone else with them...

Fire Bomber Angel Pic
Is this plane being
watched over by an angel
or is it something else?

Baby's Angel Picture  
Is this an angel or just the
sun's rays?  You decide...
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