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These spiritual & angel
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Angel Picture
of the Month
for February
Angel Pictures

Christmas Eve Angel Pic
Great picture of spirit in
front of their home.  It was
not in two other photos.

Angel Lights Picture
Awesome photograph of
light anomalies appearing
around Trish's daughter.

Candle Angel Picture   
Can you see the angel in
this photo that formed
when the wax cooled?  

Christ Church Angel Pic
Graham took this photo
which may be reflected in
the window.

Graduation Angel Photo
Amazing angel picture
shows wings appearing
with Kim.

Cloud Bat Or Angel Pic
This cloud formation was
inspiring to Syed when he
needed it most.

Angel Smoke Picture
Angel pictures from Don
show a spiritual presence.
One looks like smoke.
Angel Pictures

Son's Angel Picture
Intriguing pic of spiritual
presence around her baby

Creche Angel Picture
Spirit presence in front of
a nativity scene in Conn.

Great Cloud Angel
This picture is inspiring as
it shows some pretty good
detail of the angel.
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