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Syed Sha'rani Bin Syed Ismail sent us this inspirational cloud angel picture, that sort of looks like a bat.  
Sometimes we need a sign to make us feel better.  We are sure things are going to be brighter for Syed and
his family:

"I lost my job six months ago, but then again, it is not my first. Somehow I always end up in the wrong shoe
and the wrong company. I wondered all the time why am I deserving all this bad luck...I'm beginning to feel
that somehow I am simply not his (God's) favorite, and damned for all eternity. Though after reading  some
versus of the Quran every night before going to bed, once in a blue moon, I had convincing dreams that I
was not left out, but I still feel that I am being damned; perhaps due to my previous sins.  I had to urge
myself hard to keep on believing. But it's getting harder each day.

Last Wednesday, 24th January, 2007 a hard stormy rain poured down on us for about two hours.  After
about an hour and a half when it stopped, I and my wife decided to go and check out some "open air," street
selling, grocery stalls (at our place at Subang Jaya section 10, at about 6:15pm - Malaysian time - being
cheap and the only affordable thing to do for us).

As we were walking along the bazaar, I could clearly see the sky shining brightly and noticed the frenzied
angel or bat-like formation, as if it is looking down toward us, from up in the sky.  You can clearly see the
head, the eyes, and the wings attached to its body...almost a complete structure.

Then I remembered about your website portraying all these fascinating findings about angel sightings.  I
quickly snapped some photos using my Samsung mobile phone and sent this one to you."
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