Angel Pictures

Angel pictures...photographs of inspirational beings...

The following are some inspirational angel photographs that were sent to us by our viewers, as well as several angel pictures we stumbled across. Enjoy!

Angel Statue Angel Picture
Jan sent us this very cool angel photo of light emanating from her garden.

"October 2009, the love of my life, soul mate, and father to our 8 year old son, passed away. Two months to the day of his passing, I took this picture of my backyard. The light is so bright it hurts to look at it! The peace I felt was overwhelming!

Marty always bought angel statues for me. I guess he brought the real thing! A beautiful and true example of undying love! I hope this story helps to keep the faith alive."

Spokane Angel Photo
Sarah Carpenter sent us this interesting photograph which looks to have a winged figure or two appearing above her shoulder. We boxed it in yellow (at left).

"(I was) just sitting, taking pictures of my basement. I took one of myself and this is what I got."

Various Angel Pictures
The three angel photographs (at left) were found within a video on Protected by Angels' channel.

Unfortunately, we do not have any details to share about the angel pictures. They are obviously all angelic-looking cloud formations. Are they signs in the heavens from benevolent spirit beings who are with us? You decide...