Keesha's Angel Snapshot

Keesha of Fayetteville, Georgia sent us her angel picture which shows a mist over the bed. There was no one smoking, so where did the vapor cloud come from? Looks like ectoplasm...spirit mist, perhaps. You may e-mail Keesha at

"I always feel a presence at the end of my bed. One night I was prepared with a digital camera. As soon as I felt it, I turned off the lights and began snapping. I took three (snapshots) total. The first shows what appears to be a profile of an angel bending over with nose pointing down and a wing upright on the back. The second pic, showed a faint orb, and in the last there was nothing. When the picture came up, I got chills."

Could the mist coupled with the chills Keesha feels in her room be evidence of a spirit visitor, perhaps a loved one watching over her?   You decide...