Charlies Angel Pictures

Charlie sent us some photographs taken at an old farmhouse during a wedding. Though he believes them to possibly be ghosts, we tend to think they are benevolent spirits, what some may call angels (messengers), or simply spirits of loved ones who are visiting during such a great celebration. To us, the capture of a light mist would not indicate the presence of a negative earthbound spirit:

"I want to show you these pics...I took at an old farm house in the country (South Australia). I was drawn to this house, because I saw it in a dream years earlier and decided to take photos the following day."

2: We really like the "line of spirit mist" visible in both pictures, in front of the house door. It changes shape a bit and is in front of a lady in the above photograph. As it changes shape, it is neither a lens smear, nor do we feel it was produced from sunlight.

To us, this is the capture of something not visible when the photo was taken, and is not an anomaly directly in front of the lens.

3: Though we do not post many orb photographs, we elected to include Charlie's, as it is simply a nice orb that doesn't look like typical dust reflecting camera flash.