Real Angel Picture: Gulf Tree Angel

Christine Zuzek from Ashtabula, Ohio sent this interesting angel picture:

" husband and I were out and about yesterday, and decided to go down to a gulf by our home. I took our new digital camera out of the case to get a snap shot of a cliff and some trees with the sun coming through. I snapped two pictures a couple seconds apart. In the first one, there was nothing, the second picture this appeared; but we did not see it with our eyes. When we got home to load it on our computer, we noticed it and zoomed in on it. My heart swelled with emotion. Could it be...? (I said to my husband) He said, "Do you see what I see?" I said, " is at least two angels there." He said, "You are right." I believe in my heart these are angels in an upward flight motion; we see the outline of the head, arms folded, robe and wings. I had to share this with someone."