Breathtaking Radiant Angel Picture

Darlene Miller sent this awesome inspiring angel picture and angel is her letter to us:

"Enclosed is an authentic and copyrighted miraculous photo of "Two Breathtaking Radiant Angels & a side view of a third cherub" kneeling on a Realm of Divine Protection (upper left hand side of photo) - taken at a truck stop in New Jersey during a spiritual pilgrimage I took in October 2005. As the dazzling sun was spinning (as in Fatima apparitions), I was mesmerized and decided to snap four pictures (all of which are unique and inspirational - one of a kind). My goal is to touch as many lives as possible with Faith, Hope, and Love, as I envision picture frames and murals capturing the exquisite beauty of the breathtaking cherubs in homes, hospitals (particularly where children are patients) and anywhere else a touch of Heaven is needed!"