Angel Snapshots

Snapshots of Angels are sent in by our viewers, being captured in various parts of the world...

Angel snapshots are very interesting, and possibly true examples of messengers in spirit who are around us. Many people are unaware that spirits daily communicate with us - being called by different names such as spirit guides, angels, divine messengers and the like.

How do angels (the word angel is derived from the Greek angelos and means "messenger") affect all of us? At Angels & Ghosts, we believe angels speak to us through thoughts, signs, visions and dreams to help instruct, teach, awaken, lead and assist mankind on their life journey. All of us have lessons to learn and the biggest is to awaken to spirit - knowing that everything is spirit and connected as one in spirit. This is where the journey begins, and the path is found within each person, ultimately leading to the truth.

Snapshots of angels are intriguing, as they provide possible evidence of these benevolent spirits interacting with us. How does the camera record such images in snapshots? Perhaps some of the photographs are just coincidence; or maybe angels do manifest in different ways, being visible only in the electromagnetic spectrums where the human eye cannot see -appearing outside of the visible white light spectrum. Possibly, this is why spirits are difficult to capture in snapshots consistently, being at times only seen by the eyes of the camera.