Spiritual Presence Orb Angel Photo

Pam sent this angel picture of a spirit orb and describes feeling a spiritual presence:

"I can feel the presence of the Spirit of God again. This time I am at the cabin and was instructed to take a pic if I was wondering. I took a shot of my grandson taking a nap. Look above him to the right. Another blue and white ball of light. These things appear on my pics only when I hear the Lord's voice saying that His Angels are present. I am sure it is dust at other times, too. Something very strange happened to me last night at about ten minutes to midnight. The Lord woke me up, so I found my chair and sat down. As I sat there, I could actually feel my spirit being pulled out from the top of my head!! It was strange and very different. I kept asking God what He was doing, but He did not answer for a while. I then heard one word: Astro-travel. After this I was allowed to return to bed and go back to sleep. Things are changing in the realm of the spirit. I will be sixty years old soon and never thought I would live to see the Kingdom Age breaking in on the natural realm. It is wonderful and just a little frightening, but then the fear of the Lord is a good thing."

"Thought I would send you these pics.  The Lord God asked me to take the picture as a sign from Him for my daughter - a sign that showed her how interested in her God is....how much He loves her and the baby sleeping on the bed.  Something in the spiritual realm has torn open according to the will of God.  He has begun a new thing.  Get ready - things are really getting interesting and quite supernatural."