Real Angel Picture

Mike Carr sent us this angel photo he entitled, "Explicit Angel Photo." Mike is a pastor/author who captured spiritual presence in his photo. You may visit Mike's website at: Before Adam.

"It is a clear picture of a female angel holding a baby in her left arm, next to her body. Behind her is a creature that looks something like a horse with antlers, with its wings spread out. I was playing with my new digital camera one night to see if it would take pictures in complete darkness. I took about fifteen pictures, then went inside to see what happened..."

We see two figures in spirit, as well. Here is more of Mike's story:
"At first, it looked like I had taken a picture of smoke in the night. I tried to recreate the same effect by causing smoke in the dark and took pictures in the direction of the smoke. All pictures were pitch black with no signs of any smoke. I thought it was strange looking so I kept the photo only to discover recently that the photo was a photo of an angel! Every hair on my body stood at attention and the butterfies were in a frenzy. If you look in the upper right corner of the photo, you will see the face of a female with a see through veil across her nose and mouth. {My wife thinks it is her hair blowing across her face} You will see a glow touching the top of her head, which is either her glory or is a crown of some sort! Her left arm is against her body and it looks like she is holding a very small baby in her left hand against her body. The baby is looking up at her! Behind her and to her right is some kind of creature that looks like a deer or a horse with horns or antlers. The horns are glowing and you can barely see two legs of the creature and one hoof. Above the creature on both sides of its head looks like wings that are spread out. I thought I knew what the significance of this photo was but now I have no idea what it represents as of now. Could this creature be a Cherub or a winged horse? It is definitely different than any creature on earth! This is not fake folks! This is the actual photo! I have shown this photo to 20 family members and friends. The interesting thing is, 10% cannot see the angel even when she is pointed out! The question I have is, "Why can most see the angel and a few cannot?" Interesting huh? If you are one of the few that cannot see the angel, I’m sorry! I don’t have an answer why! My wife was one that could not see the angel at first, but now she can. She spotted the winged creature!"