Christ In The Sky Angel Picture

We received two more Christ in the sky photos this month and from two different people.  The first image is from Sandra K., who sent her angel picture, or is it Christ in the sky?  It is very similar to a famous photo which we have been tracking entitled, "Angel or Christ Apparition Picture."  Is this another version of it or a completely different capture of an angel or even Christ in the clouds?  The second image below was sent by Michael Marlatt and possesses more detail (plus the information he received about it):

"I was browsing your site and came across your page discussing the origin of the photo showing Christ or an Angel.

I have also come across this photo, but it was back in 1991. My mother met a woman in a Catholic Church who claimed that the photo was taken from a plane. I was given the negatives and there were many different pictures that we printed out. I have one that looks identical to the ones identified on this site. It's a color version of what appears to be a photo of Christ. I'vecirculated this photo with many of my friends, many of whom now have the photo as well.

Regardless of the origin, God has provided each of us the opportunity to share this amazing bond through our experiences brought about by the images of what appears to be Christ. If this photo did originate between 1955 -1965, the spirit of God is still alive and well in 2007, given that this photo has touched so many lives. It's not a coincidence that we all have the photo. I believe we were all given the photo, because God knew we would speak about it and share our experience. It's proof positive that God is working his miracle." - Michael Marlatt, Atlanta, Georgia