Pictures: Angels

The following pictures with angels were found from across the Internet. Some of them have video stories, as well. Are these pictures, angels captured by the eye of the camera? It's for you to decide if the potential evidence is proof of spirit messengers in operation within the invisible energy plane we call "spirit."

Thames Angel Picture
Since the 1600s, angelic presences have been reported near or over the Thames River in London, England. Many believe the angels are related, as many of the eye-witness accounts can be tied to the city's tough times, such as the "Black Death" (plague), the "Great Fire of London," and "World Wars I and II." Since that time, photographs of the angel have surfaced, as well as a video showing the angel presence manifest. Strikingly, the same, misty-winged shape appears in most of the Thames Angel photos we've seen. A vaporous, winged-looking anomaly quickly appears in the video still. We've boxed it in yellow for you to find it easily in the video (above).

Turkey Angel
An apparition of some sort appeared in this photograph, taken in April, 2008, while people were on vacation enjoying the sites and city.

Many believe it to be an angel hovering above a crowd in Ankara, Turkey.

Two Angels Picture
Picture and video of what has been titled, "Two angels are taking away the soul of dead child."

Watch closely as the light anomalies rise in the sky above a building. Eventually in the air, they have remarkable human-shaped forms, perhaps of spirit messengers...angels. Are these angels assisting a young child as the video proposes? You decide...

Hovering Angelic Presence
The picture at right comes from a video that reveals a hovering presence over a home. At first it looks like smoke, but this photo shows the glowing image to be emanating from below the smoke stacks on the roof. Is it an angel?

Mountain Top Angel Photo
This photograph is said to have been taken by a man before he died on a mountain. Is it a spirit being?