Spanish Church Angel Picture

Bobby Hanna of North Watford, UK sent this awesome angel picture. If you would like to e-mail her what you see in the picture (nice e-mails only), please do so:

This photo was taken by my mother on her digital camera in the, famous, combined building of a Cathedral and Mosque, "Mezquita" in Cordoba, Spain, in Oct '03. This was in the Cathedral part. As you can see, nobody is looking at the angel, nobody noticed. My mother, Eileen, didn't see the angel until she was transferring photo's to computer. I wonder if anyone else's camera picked up this "angel"? On the far bottom left of the picture is the back of my auntie Lucy's head, and next to her is their friend, also named Lucy. None of us believed in angels, but this photo has made us, and our friends, question our beliefs. The other strange thing about this picture is that when I zoom in on any point, I see faces, in the walls, in everything. There are also those round balls of light (orbs) in the top right corner of photo and bottom left (above friend Lucy's head). This photo is genuine. My mother is not a professional photographer, and this photo was taken as a momento of their trip.

I think this photo is amazing, I just has to share it. I would love to hear peoples views and opinions. The email address I regularly use is