Photos: Angels

The following angel photos might be signs that angels are indeed with us. What do we mean by angels? Could the smallest things occurring around us, that often go unnoticed, be indications that others are with us in spirit? Examine the photos of angels and decide...

Angel in Sky Video
The first photo was taken as a still from a film showing a strange light anomaly cross the sky. Be sure and examine this clip.

"(I was) trying to catch lightning in a storm and this light flew in front of me. Right after that, an ambulance pulled beside (our car) at the mall."

Shadow Angels Photo
Photographer Michael Clark noticed the opportunity to photograph what looks like a group of people and spirits:

"(These) shadows (were cast) as the sun came in our front window...looks like Jesus or Mary and two angels to me."

Emily's Angel Photo
This photo has a plastic-look to it, as if saran wrap on the floor was photographed. We do not know for sure what exactly formed this angel image, but if you look at the close-up, it has amazing detail and has inspired Emily's family.

"Emily's mother took this photo of her (and the angel) as she admires herself in the mirror."

Guardian Angel Photos
What speaks to you? This photo from Sara is a wonderful example of how we may find subtle reminders of angels and spirits interacting among us. Can you see the facial image kissing the baby's head?

"This photo was taken by my mother in July 1987 of my baby brother. Notice to the left of his head there is a distinct nose, mouth, eye, and possibly hair."