Big Trees State Forest Spiritual Picture

Lisa Bradshaw of Charlotte, NC sent us her wonderful spiritual experience and image of a green orb taken in Big Trees State Forest:

"On September 10, 2006 my partner and I were in California with some friends for vacation. We all live in Charlotte, NC. We had stayed in a town called Murphy's. That morning, my partner and I had walked to a little cafe next door to our hotel for breakfast. During conversation with our waitress, who was also originally from the east coast, she mentioned that we should go check out the Big Trees State Forest. It was only about 14 miles from where we were staying and would be well worth the trip. She explained that it was a forest of Redwood and Sequoia trees and that it was just a "magical" place and that when you were in there, you just had the "sense" you were some place "special and spiritual". My partner and I both LOVE trees, and had never seen trees as large as these, so we decided to gather our traveling companions and go. It was a gorgeous day! The skies were clear blue, the temperature was moderate and we couldn't have asked for better weather. We hiked through the forest along one of many trails for a couple of hours, ooooing and ahhhhing over everything, taking pictures with our digital camera all along the way. We all agreed that it was truly an incredible place. The beauty and splendor of these trees cannot be captured in words... and the sense of the history there! Many of these trees are 1500 years old or older! It wasn't until later when we were reviewing the pictures in the camera while traveling in the car that we noticed the "Orb". At first, I thought there was only one picture with an orb, but after loading them on my computer and being able to see them full size, I realized that there were actually three pictures that had unusual images captured in them that we had not seen with the naked eye. The first picture was taken at 11:01, and the green orb appears over the heads of my partner and our friend. The second picture was taken at 11:36 and the orb is rather large, but faint, toward the top right of the picture. The third was the most remarkable to me... it was taken at 11:37 of the same image, only this time, the orb presents with a prism of rainbow color through it and a mist to the right and below it. To the best of my recollection, the flash on the camera had not fired, and there was nothing metal around, nothing that I can recall that could have caused a reflection. Of all the places we visited in our travels to the West Coast, there was no place more intense than that forest... and while we never thought that we were among "spirits", we did have an overwhelming sense of being in a very 'special and spiritual place,' just as our waitress had told us we would. The pictures only serve to add to the mystery of that beautiful place."