Twin's Angel Picture

Katie sent us this interesting picture and story of her twin brother's tragedy:

"My twin brother died June 29, 2005 in a tragic car accident, he was only 16 and for the past two years had been battling leukemia. He had supposedly fallen asleep at the wheel on the way to go pick up his girlfriend before both of them had gone to work at a local water park. He drifted off into the other lane, causing him to have a head on collision with a cement truck. My mom wanted to know how big the cement trucks were so she stopped and took this picture of the cement truck company/ one of there trucks. There are some strange things in the picture the black dot wasn't there when she took the picture and there wasn't anything like that on the other pictures...when you zoom in, everything gets clearer almost like there's a face...something else I noticed was to the left of the cement towers - it looks like an outline of an angel in the clouds...when you zoom in on that, you can see a halo and a face of a young boy. Just thought I would share this with you."