Cherub Bush Angel Picture

WakeCowboy's Cherub in the bush was sent to us recently:

" While on the road to Hana Beach on the Hawaiian island of Maui, I thought I saw something standing on the side of the road, so I went back to see what it was...there was nothing there, but a stream and a waterfall in the distance...It was near a narrow spot in the road and I got a strange thought that maybe someone had a head-on collision here in the I thought this, a tingling sensation vibrated through me....sort of like "the chills" only very warm...maybe I was just trippin' myself out or something; but anyway, it was kind of pretty scenery so I took a photo of the side of the road. Later upon examining the photo closer (maybe a little too close :-) Some of the vegetation appeared as though it were a woman standing there, holding her infant with her daughter and son toddlers and a cherub above her left shoulder that seamed to be whispering in her ear. Funny thing is, that in the same photo, I thought I saw a frog-like creature (3rd picture) among the foliage as well. Am I seeing things that aren't there, or can you see them as well? Strange, but the cherub that I see appears to be as an older being, not a little baby, and has stubby hair, not soft bushy hair; he appears to have four transparent wings instead of two, that are not like the wings I have seen in most artists' conceptions of cherubim....and it looks as though he only has one leg with a sort of hoof at the end of it instead of a foot."