Higher Spirits

The word angel, in its original language, means "messenger." So we can, perhaps, view angels as being higher spirits who observe, assist, and bring messages to those of us in the earthly realm.

The following pictures may represent higher spirits. Some of the photos are what we call cloud angels, possibly divine messages or signs to those who see them. But, we thought it fun to take an inspirational journey by viewing some pictures of what some deem as being higher spirits.

At Angels & Ghosts, we believe what some call angels are higher spirits - enlightened humans who speak to us through thoughts, signs, visions and dreams to help instruct, teach, awaken, lead and assist mankind on their life journey. All of us have lessons to learn and the biggest is to awaken to spirit - knowing that everything is spirit and connected as one. This is where the journey begins, and the path is found only within each individual, ultimately leading to the truth. Do you struggle with looking at angels this way? If so, be sure and read: The History of Angels.

Higher spirits seek to elevate the whole of mankind through gentle guidance. They have a higher perspective, and thus a greater understanding of what life is truly about. Angels...spirits from the higher place of light (truth) are our spiritual eyes and ears, allowing us to "tune in" to their words, their thoughts in order to raise up our lower mental estate. This way, these messengers give us glimpes and phrases that are important to life.