Pictures of Angels: Brandin & Jamie

Penni sent us this interesting angel picture of her niece's son enveloped in a white mist. In the mist she can see a face which she recognizes as her son Brandin. Study the mist, moving your head back and forth, and the image will become apparent. We inset Brandin's photo for comparison:

"This story is about my family that has been through a very hard time. My mother was murdered on May 8,2007 and my son was killed in a car accident 5 months later. The pictures I am going to attach is a picture of my son 11 days before he was killed and the 2nd picture is from Christmas of 2008. I have to explain first the night we received a miracle after my son was killed. It was Halloween night ,my son's favorite holiday. I was not going to go to the cemetery that night,but I did. I went to my sons grave and I screamed and cried and asked GOD why he took my son and not me I begged god to please let me know my baby boy was okay. It was so cold that night,but when I ASKED god to PLEASE let me know my son would be okay, the wind that was blowing so hard...Just stopped. It got so clam and unbelievably warm, I took it as a sign. I wiped my tears from my face and walked away from my sons grave that night with a sense of happiness.....Call it weird, I sure thought it was!! But when I got home that night I had a voice mail on my phone from my sister telling me my niece was in labor and that she was having her baby. She was not due till November 30th 2007, but she had a BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT 2007 !! I rushed to the hospital, the same hospital my son was pronounces dead at and I walked in that room and the nurse looked at me and asked me why I was crying...I did not say anything and she said to me " You lost someone close to you , didn't you?? I told her YES I JUST LOST MY SON A WEEK AGO...DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE TOLD ME?? She told me "No you did not, he is right here". She put that baby boy in my arms and I looked at him and he looked back at me with the BIGGEST SMILE I COULD EVER WISH FOR. That moment I know my son was okay because he was in my arms that night...FOR A MINUTE...HE WAS , I KNOW IT!!! THANK YOU GOD. Okay so as you see the picture of my son Brandin 11 days before he died and then the picture of our HALLOWEEN BABY on Christmas morning 2008.Look right above Jamie's head and you can see Brandin's face. We believe Brandin is Jamie's ANGEL and he will protect him forever."