Angel Haven: Haven's Angel

Rita from Mustang, OK sent us this angel of Haven's...or is it that she is an angel haven?

"Photo taken Aug. 2, 2004. My granddaughter, Haven, encircled by love and protection with her mother's arms, my hand and her Guardian Angel hovering close by.

We did not even see the perfect angel image until my daughter-in-law (after receiving the photo copies we had mailed to her) called and told us to take a closer look. We were touched and amazed, and we continue to feel the presence of Haven's angel all around her.

My daughter, Haven's mom, had a miscarriage in 2003 - a very sad time for her and her husband, and our whole family. We believe Haven's big brother or sister is now her Guardian Angel."

Update: We received the following comments from Steven on 3-30-07:
"Just observing: In Haven’s Angel (submitted August of ’06), the image is the light reflecting off of the stand or ash tray by the arm of the chair/couch and onto the wall. If you notice the bottom left corner of the window frame, the image is broken by a shadow."