Angel Pictures: Signs & Wonders

Signs & Wonders are often seen by those in times of need. Are they for the purpose of sending us a message? If so, are they sent from messengers, angels? Do they tell us we are not alone?

The following images seem to possibly have captured evidence of angels, and maybe even signs and wonders.

Most people are unaware of the presence of spirits around them, their minds closed off to the possibility of something beyond what science can yet prove. Even without beliefs in the supernatural, wherever we go, we are still in spirit; and thus, spirits are with us. This does not change. Once one has this idea validated through personal experience, their mind will be forever opened to a new reality.

Spirits attempt to get our attention in various ways. Sometimes it is a whisper within us, or a tangible presence. However, other ways seem to be through a mysterious visitor or even signs and wonders. Can the messengers create such signs and wonders to cause us to look within our being to our own spirits? Perhaps some need an outward sign or wonder to cause them to know they are spirit and that spirit communication begins within the person.