Real Angel Picture: Sky Angel Over A Church

We were recently sent these great photos from their owner - seasoned photographer Samiris to post on Angels & Ghosts. Here is "Sami's" story:

"On Sunday July 17, 2005 I took these series of 12 consecutive photos (from 9:59 am through 10:03 am) while I was at my home church. I asked my children if they saw it and they went in to tell our Pastor. I kept taking pictures while they went for her. She came out and saw it too. Also, an airplane flew by during that time (we are in the final approach area close to Hartsfield International which is minutes from this place.)You can see the size of this magnificent angel in the last picture: right on the tip of its head you see a small 'white speck' which is the airplane itself!

And like before, I noticed only because I looked up after they 'told' me to look. It was so THERE! This is definitely one of my best angel picture moments. I've taught my children how to look for and see them: they still cannot figure out how is it I always have a camera and take proof!"