Real Angel Picture: Virgin Mary Apparition

Michelle recently sent us this uplifting, inspirational story and apparition of the Virgin Mary which appeared in this very spiritual picture with her:

"The year 2000 was a very painful year for me; it was when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, my husband had decided to leave us, and the year that my body had picked to deal with my childhood past of many years of sexual abuse and incest. I remembered that I was lost, felt numb, felt dead to the world and had so much grief that needed healing.

Then one day, I was a planted with a seed of thought to remember what kept me alive as a child to endure all those years of traumatic events and it came to me... It was the belief in Angels. As a child I would pray, begging to see one; or I would have dreams of a beautiful Angel visiting my bed at night and taking me and my sister to a safe and special place called "Heaven." Only to know that exactly 30 years later my dream was manifested and that it was "Home" that became a haven for "Heaven:" a place to see Angels, Fairies, Spirit Guides, the Virgin Mary and all other Divine Spirits.

So, I will leave with that and with a special pic that my sister took of me about 2 years ago at a friend's house in Dallas, Texas. She recalls that this pic was taken in the bedroom, and I noticed around me a lot of "Ghost Activity" (but mainly of small children). I was later informed that the grounds for this house, was where a "Children's Orphanage" was built in the early 1900's.

On this day, I was a bit down and sad because of my "not so good" relationship with my 10 yr old daughter. In prior weeks I had prayed for some healing and had requested for the Virgin Mary to provide me with some of her enormous strength...and for her nurturing and motherly loving ways. It had been almost a year when I had for the first time seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary, standing right beside my bed, dressed in white, smiling and holding her baby and reaching out for me.

It was by far one of the most powerful and divine experiences, I had ever encountered in my life! I wish this for all and appreciate your time in allowing me to share a bit of my life and a magical pic and story."