Virgin Fatima Picture

Recently we received these pictures and comments:

"It was good Friday of 2005. I was watching the GOSPEL OF JOHN. At midnight, my mother told me it was time to go to bed, and like I always do...I prayed before sleeping. I've watched the story of Jesus Christ many times before, but I'm deaf, so I have no idea of what they're saying; but the gospel of John has subtitles (so now I know what they're saying for the first time in my life). After the movie, I prayed like I mentioned before. After praying, I looked at our altar and saw a face - my heart was pumping really fast, but then it stopped (because I thought I was hallucinating, so I called my mother (my dad was sleeping) and told her to look at what I'm seeing, and she saw nothing). She told me go to sleep because she thought that I was only sleepy, but I had a strange feeling not to go to sleep. So, I took my dad's cell phone and took a picture of it to prove that I was not hallucinating. Then I showed my Mom hoping she could finally see what I saw, and yes, she saw it. After looking at the picture, my Mom tried to see where I took it, but still she saw nothing. After that, I went to sleep knowing I have proof of what I see. I called this the miracle image of the picture of the virgin Fatima, and that was the last saw it - I never saw it again, except in the picture."