Angelic Pictures

The following angelic pictures were sent to us from around the world. We find them interesting studies, perhaps shedding some light on the existence of benevolent spirits that are around all of us. Enjoy the angel pictures (each page has a larger version of the photo)

Angel Over Gauteng?
The first angelic picture at was sent to us from South Africa by cell phone. Though we do not have much of the
story, the image is striking and was described as:

"(It) appears to be an Angel in the sunset above the dark storm clouds over Gauteng (South Africa)."

Wedding Angel Picture?
This angelic picture has been a source of much discussion between us at Angels & Ghosts. TKay, one of our former forum moderators, suggests that perhaps the light came through the camera body from the left and top (if a film camera, after removing the film roll).

Either way, the image from Kim is surely striking and worth discussing and examining. Is it evidence of angels? You decide...

Channeled Angel Picture
James K. sent us this intriguing angel painting which he created. He believes that he saw this person somehow in Spirit. We hope to receive more of his story, but for now, here are his words:

"I am an artist, and this image came through unconsciously. I believe it is an angel."

Wishing Well Angel Picture
A few months back, we posted a very fascinating picture entitled, Wishing Well Ghost Picture. Being intrigued by the image, we requested other photos of the bridge located in Kingscourt County, Cavan. Ben, who sent us the photograph, obliged us with more photos and told us the picture created quite a stir in the local Irish papers. In other photographs, the angel was not on the bridge prior to his photo.

After looking at the images, we have to wonder if this could have been an angel - an enlightened spirit being, perhaps? We submit the Wishing Well Picture once again. Be sure to examine the follow-up information Ben was so kind to provide us.