Friend's House Angel Pictures

Gail sent us these pictures taken at a friend's house and her interpretations of what she believes are angel presences captured within the images:

"The angel of revelations (first) photo with the gold cone...if the original photo is put under natural sunlight, then a second image appears, which is a message, cryptic in nature, took me five years to decipher, but is quite accurate. The (second) photo is an angel of discernment, as was told to me, as I heard it. The angel 's face is burnt out, because it is so bright that the film is partially burnt when the camera switch was clicked. It said, 'Take the picture now!' and so I said this to my friend and these two pictures were taken. The fuschia angel said it's name was 'Ardisius' and that the number of eyes it has on its being determines the ranking of discernment and position it has in the rank of angels with discernment. If you can see gold circles in the pink energy, that will give you an idea of how powerful this angel is. The gold cone represents the angel of revelations, as there are many, and so they are usually formless and only take on the appearance of different forms or shapes to reveal prophesy through themselves."