Do Angels Play?

Jessica sent us this striking picture she calls, "Do Angels Play?" Though it appears to be clouds, the wisps of vapor remind us of a mother walking her children, too!

"On our way home from the cemetery, and after visiting my sister-in-law's first daughter (it was her 5th birthday), my girls and I always look in the clouds. My middle child, who is four years old, said she saw a mermaid in the sky. I said, 'Yeah, I see it.' But when we lookedagain, it wasn't a mermaid but a woman with three children running around her with what looks to be an animal behind them. The detail is amazing. You can see the woman's hair (in a bun), her neck, her dress, and the ruffles around her neck. The child in front of heris a girl with a ponytail, and the boy in front of her has a ball he is holding in front of him. Then there is a big boy behind the woman. I told my husband he had to pull over so I could take a picture. Once I took it, the clouds simply went away. It was very strange."