Daytona Angel Picture

Lisa sent us the following cloud angel picture which is fantastic - taken at Daytona Beach:

"This picture I took while on a three day vacation in Daytona Beach Florida. I took this short but well needed vacation to do some soul searching and relaxation. While there, I experienced a feeling of a presences in our room. The hotel that we stayed in is suppose to be the oldest hotel there and is over 100 years old. I wondered when we stayed there if it was haunted. We never experienced anything in the room other than a few pictures I took in the room with a few round lights in them. The first morning I got up to watch the sunrise around 7:30 am. I went out on our balcony to snap some pictures of the sunrise and I felt an even stronger presence. I had been feeling really low about my life and was questioning if I was where I should be. That morning while snapping pictures, I asked God to send me a sign of where he wanted me to be. At the time I really felt I got no answers, until I came home and downloaded my pictures from my camera to the computer and started to look at them. Like I said, a few of them had the round lights in them, but when I came across the pictures that I took of the sunrise I couldn't believe my eyes. To me, that was my answer that I'm in the right place in life and that God is still there - his angels are there guiding us and protecting us. I can't stop looking at the picture and every time I do, I see more and more detail to the face. I hope that this picture brings someone else as much joy as it has brought me. God bless you all and thank you for letting me share this picture with the world through your site.

PS: The morning was partially cloudy. A normal morning for a beautiful sunrise..."