Angel Apariciones

Back in 2008, we noticed that what some call, "angel apariciones" (apparitions of angels), had been surfacing on the Internet in videos, primarily from South America and California. Most all of these videos were recorded during religious services around campfires. During these videos, angel-like entities are seen moving about in front of crowds, in most cases, back and forth. We found them extremely compelling - an angel phenomenon that needed to be shared.

We recognized their relevance due to their popularity; to us, this validated their appeal. Below are the detail pages of the photographs we pulled of the angel appariciones as well as the clips showing what some claim to be the angelic, moving about the bonfires.

We see that what what some call angels are enlightened spirits - spirits of humans who speak to us through thoughts, signs, visions and dreams to help instruct, teach, awaken, lead and assist mankind on their life journey. All of us have lessons to learn and the biggest is to awaken to spirit - knowing that everything is spirit and connected as one. This is where the journey begins, and the path is found only within each individual, ultimately leading to the truth. Do you struggle with looking at angels this way? If so, be sure and read: The History Of Angels

Angel Apariciones found on this page are very interesting to examine. During the videos, the angelic apparitions may appear like reflected light on glass, but upon careful examination, one will notice the angel aparicione will at times move in and out of the frame on its own. Could this be tricks of video editing? Perhaps, but they are fascinating imagery that still inspires many.