Angel Pictures: Realm of Divine Protection

Darlene Miller sent some more inspiring angel is her letter to us:

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my breathtaking photos with others! I'm sending...other unique and inspirational photos I took the same day as my Breathtaking Radiant Angels kneeling on a brilliant of light, which resembles a dimensional realm. The feedback I receive from people of all ages is positive and inspiring! Since October 29th 2005, my faith in God and my love for angels has brought a new meaning to my life and I believe I was chosen by our Lord to inspire a renewed faith in everyone who reflects upon these stunning prints. I received your response on Oct 2nd, which is the 'Feast day of the Guardian Angels.' The day I took the photos, the bus we were traveling on had serious mechanical problems and if we didn't stop when we did, we could have all been killed. I hope you enjoy my divine photos and hope that those who already believe will gain strength; and for those who question or doubt, this will help them to know that there is someone watching over them!" Realm of Divine Prtection Angel Story