Magnetic Force Spiritual Photo

Charlotte Evans (C/O Apostle Elizabeth Hairston) of Espanola, New Mexico sent us this picture entitled, "Magnetic Force," and story. We believe that God dwells within all and that all dwells within God. Thus, the power of spirit or energy is within all of us. Spirit is the life-giving force within that energizes all...

"I am writing to share with you a super natural photo that was taken of my mom. She is a Prophet of God and ministers in many churches around the world. She has also been given the gift of healing.

Often in her services she wears a beautiful blue cape of 10,000 beads and on several occasions there is super natural manifestation that shows up once photos are developed. Because the images are so clear and genuine I am hoping to get the attention of the television media to share the photos with viewers. We are strong Christians and believe that Angels that appear in photos are a reminder that God is with us and that his awesome power is real.

In the photo "Magnetic Force," she can be seen wearing the same blue cape. Her feet are clearly lifted off the ground and there are magnetic beams shooting all around her! Some have even said they have seen a figure of a man standing behind her who appears to be somewhat transparent.

Is it possible that God has transferred his powers through the cape when Apostle Hairston is wearing the cape or has just worn it? Or has he chosen her to get a message to the world because of her strong beliefs and relentless prayers?"