Holy Hill Angel Picture

Jan Adkins sent us this inspirational angel picture from Holy Hill, Wisconsin's Miracle Room.

"This picture is of three orbs at Holy Hill in Wisconsin; a place where even Foreign Ministers and U.S. Presidents have gone to. I was praying in front of this statue of Mother Mary, when I heard a woman's voice telling me to stand up and take a picture. I did; and this is what I got: an orb over the statue, one over a woman who couldn't walk, and one where I was. I went, because of serious lumps in my breast and was going for an operation to remove them the following week. I kept hearing the same voice telling me not to be frightened as "all things will be as they should." I heard this over and over. The next week, I went for another mammogram and surgery, as I already had about four mammograms done by different places to make sure about my condition. When I went to see the surgeon after the mammogram, he came in with another doctor and he was scratching his head, as he placed the photo next to the other photos (where it showed lumps and there was nothing!). The lumps disappeared! And that was the last time I heard the voice. The photo is in a room called "The Miracle room," as people who are cured after praying come back and leave their canes and documents, etc., behind. I was also told to give a copy of this beautiful picture to all I know...it has helped a lot of people who believe."