Angel Images: Images of Angels

Images of angels are sent in by our viewers as captured in photographs...

Angel images are wonderful examples of messengers in spirit who are around all of us. Many are unaware that spirits daily communicate and guide us - being called by different names such as spirit guides, angels, spirits, entities, divine messengers and the like.

How do angels (angel is from the Greek word angelos, meaning messenger) affect all of us? Angels likely speak to all of us as the norm (through thoughts, signs, visions, dreams) to urge us, teach us, awaken or help people. All of these things are a part of life and learning, especially awakening to the knowledge that there is a much greater Universe than one can conceive. And, that universe is connected as one, whether in spirit or physical form. The path to knowing this connection is found within everyone, and angels help guide us to that revelation.

Images of angels are inspiring, as they provide possible evidence of these benevolent spirits interacting with us. Why or how does the camera record such images? Perhaps, angels are at times visible only at different electromagnetic spectrums than what humans are able to visually detect, appearing outside of the visible white light spectrum. Perhaps this is why spirits are difficult to capture in image consistently, yet at times are only capable of being recorded by the eyes of the camera.