Angel Ectoplasm Angel Picture

Nikki Gilday from San Antonio, Texas sent this ectoplasm picture which appears to have a face and wings in it. She interprets it as an angel, and who are we to correct her? We feel angels and ghosts are related; maybe, even the same, as both are spirits bringing messages from the other side of the grave...below are more pictures from Nikki and her comments:

"This picture was taken at my son's wedding reception. The original picture came out very dark, and I have included that original image. I have also included a cropped image to show the area in question. The untouched image clearly shows what appears to be an angel. At first I though perhaps this was just glare (from where, I couldn't say, as that corner of the room was dark). So, I looked at the image in Photoshop. Played with changing exposure, contrast, even gamma. Through almost all of the changes, the angel image remains clearly visible until after the majority of the rest of the image is either blacked out or extremely pixilated."

"I alternately call this photo "He Is Watching" and "Guardian From Above."   This is a picture I took one evening during a massive thunder storm.  The original untouched image, to me, looks like the face of an angel looking down.What is also interesting is that in this one shot, you can see red, white & blue lightning bolts. The blue & white lightning bolts form part of the outlines on the angel face, but if you also follow the lighter area down & to the left, there is also red lightning."

"It happened to look up to cloud watch one day, and it almost appeared as if there were either a fight or two angels looking down.  The first appears to be a person or an avenging angel, as the image appears to be holding a sword.The second appears to be an angel, facing towards the first image.  Are they fighting? Or are they watching out for us?  Decide for yourself......"