Angel Photographs

We gathered together a few good angel photographs along with their stories. Some of them are quite fantastic. Each of the angel photographs may be selected to view a larger version of them. Enjoy!

The Doidge Angel Photograph
This stunning angel photograph was found on some film Danny Sullivan bought at a British junk shop. Accompanying the film were several letters from the 1950s that related stories of angel sightings dating back to World War I. The letters had belonged to William Doidge who had written an American soldier named Doug whose friend had seen an angel appear above a Gloucestershire lake prior to twenty soldiers dying there in a bridge collapse. Doidge wrote in the letters concerning how British soldiers in 1914 were led into battle at Mons, France by angels. Doidge was put into contact with Doug after being smitten with the World War I story. This led him to contact Doug after he had heard about his friend's story of the angel sighting at Gloucestershire's Woodchester Mansion. Doidge searched Woodchester Mansion for the angel and in 1952, he apparently was fortunate to capture the amazing angel photograph. Over the years, rumours have abounded that Danny has had a movie deal in the works regarding the angel sighting stories. Eventually, Sullivan would claim this story and photo was an elaborate hoax... [Learn the rest of the story]

Mecca Angel Photograph
The above angel photograph was taken in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 2008. As Muslims gathered at the Kaaba, an angel is said to have appeared.

White Angel Photograph
Mike Chan took this wonderful angel photograph by being in the right spot at the right time. Though he attributes the effect as being due to leakage of light onto the film, it still makes one wonder. Here is Mike's own story: "One day I saw an old man fall down just in front of the hospital main entry, when I walked along the street. Then I saw a few 'White Angels' run out to help that old man immediately, and I had a chance to take a photo of that scene. Coincidentally, the lighting effect was due to light-leakage onto my film. However, the result was very good! Just like a light shining coming down from paradise!"

Nan's Guardian Angel Photograph
Fiona O'Dowd discovered someone was with her grandmother in this angel photograph. Here is her story:
"This is a photo of my nan and her guardian angel. A few months after this photo, she passed over. It wasn't until
then that I noticed an image in the top right hand corner, above her head. It is a bright glowing light on a cotton
pillow cover. It reassures me and I share for the sake of sharing."